School year and holidays

The school year begins in early September and finishes in late July and is divided into six terms, each lasting about six weeks with a break between each term. Further information on term dates and holidays can be found here.

Please note that the holidays of independent schools are longer than those of state schools and they do not necessarily match with the holidays of state schools or even other independent schools within the city.

If you need to find childcare for the holiday period you can find many local providers which offer fee-paying ‘holiday camps’. Usually these will take place on school grounds or at leisure centres. Camps might feature a certain type of sport or offer a variety of activities that keep your child busy for a half day or a whole day. Other options are also available, such as hiring a nanny, childminder or an au pair.

To find out about holiday schemes and financial support through the University see Childcare Services or see Oxfordshire County Council.