On your arrival

Getting the most out of your first few days in Oxford

There is a great deal to take care of in the first few days in Oxford, a number of which should be done in the correct sequence. For example, in order to open a bank account, you will need to show your passport and a proof of residence, such as a rental contract or Council Tax bill with your name and current local address.If you would like a mobile phone contract or other utility services, you will need a bank account. Proof of local address will also be required when applying for school places online.

A common sequence of tasks is:

  1. Arrange accommodation
  2. Open bank account
  3. Arrange telephone and internet access
  4. Arrange household utilities (electiricity, gas, water)
  5. Register with a doctor

Partners of new staff are encouraged to join the Oxford University Newcomers' Club based at the University Club on Mansfield Road for:

  • weekly coffee mornings
  • career support and advice 
  • English conversation groups
  • parent and toddler play
  • sub-groups for a variety of hobbies and interests

The Newcomers' Club also runs a regular calendar of events and lectures in term time for partners.