Importing a car

Oxford is often considered a cycling city, however, it is also the home of iconic cars the Morris Minor and the Mini.

If you are thinking of bringing your car for the purpose of commuting to work, it is worth checking with your department whether or not parking is available near your workplace. Parking in Oxford is limited and very expensive. Many use the local Park and Ride system which involves parking outside the city and taking a bus into the centre, while others choose to either cycle or use public transport to get to and around the city. 

If you would still like to import your car from overseas, please note that you will be required to provide the relevant government agencies with the correct documentation for your car and to register it once it arrives in the UK. It will also need to meet local vehicle compliance standards and have insurance arranged for it. 

You can find detailed guidance about all of these requirements on the UK government's car import website. You should also familiarise yourself with local driving rules and regulations by reading the UK Highway Code. More information on cars, getting a UK driver's licence and driving with children can be found here. Further resources on local rental cars, parking permits and liftsharing can be found here

Finally, don't forget that the British drive on the left side of the road and that the speed limit in most of the historic centre of Oxford is 20mph!